Scions of Sagana

Golems of Doom

Batter Up!

Tonight, the group fought (and defeated) a combat simulator built by the gnomes aboard the airship Gymkata. Gorgonzola and Zerafina were caught in a stasis field inside the simulator, leaving Seraphina and Murder to face wave after wave of combat golems, while Lia helped by watching from the sidelines and pushing the inventor of the combat simulator into the simulator. And then pulling him back out before he could be ripped to shreds by little golems.

There was one particular golem much larger than the others, with a metal club (The Slugger), who engaged Murder in single combat, and Murder did pretty well for being not made of metal.

The group that was here got 2500 XP, those who did not make it can take 1250 XP for the night.

At the end of the session, the imperial city was in visual range, but looking at it through a telescope, you see something that you’ve never seen on the walls of a city before – giant freaking crossbows. Seraphina ordered the airship down.



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