Scions of Sagana

Night 4 - The Lumbering Dead
Great Balls of Heated Metal!

Upon leaving the laid of the Were-Rat Fiancée, our heroes turned north, seeking the Hammer of one Binwin Bronzebottom, dwarf smith at Faldor’s farm.
On the way, they encountered something you don’t see every day – an ogre. And not just any ogre. A zombie ogre. A well-armed zombie ogre, obviously the product of some local mad wizard, which the party may want to consider tracking down at some point.
A pitched battle ensued, in which at one point the zombie ogre’s morning star was enchanted with heat metal… which didn’t affect the ogre very much, because it was a wood handle. Upon later reflection, potentially a petrified wood handle. But now the party was facing a zombie ogre with a flaming metal morningstar.
Which they eventually defeated.
They found themselves at the abandoned dwarf mines, to find it not so abandoned. Posing as slavers, Gorgonzola led the party into the mines, where they encoutered a Duergar (Dingle the Duergar), his pet basilisk – Barbara, passed a bunch of goblins, some orcs, and while the orcs were taking the party back to the slave pens, the team killed one orc and charmed the other. We left off with the party and their charmed orc friend in the tunnels of an abandoned dwarf mine. Behind them, a Duergar intent on finding… something.

And, oh yes. The Duergar is keeping Binwin’s prize hammer in his personal tool belt.

Night 3 - Love, Death, Revival, Were-rats

The group went on a quest to find Alastair’s missing fiancée.

…They found and defeated some giant spiders. (There was a request to the DM not to use giant spiders in future adventures.

… And they found the fiancée

… And they killed her. Sort of.

… And they administered first aid.

She’d been turned into a were-rat by Rundorig, the young man she’d run off with. When she found out what had happened, she threw him out. He was last seen heading toward Tien. Through giant-spider infested woods.

Night 2 - Shades and Shadows
Kobolds! Kobolds everywhere!


The party makes their way deeper into the cave system, where they encounter a number of kobolds who have overcome and are in the process of torturing a gnome.

They fight off the kobolds, and rescue the gnome, who introduces himself as Gareth Glittergear (may not have been the name I used that night, someone help me out with that).

They encounter an apparent friend of Glittergear’s – a tall, dark-skinned, bald human who introduces himself as Mason dan Aillel. Interestingly enough, you find him in the middle of a pile of very dead kobolds, cleaning his two curved sabers. Mason wears only light leather armor, and while he’s surrounded by carved kobold bodies, there’s not a drop of blood on him.

He directs you down the mountain to a nearby farm, and then takes Glittergear with him back into the mountain to deal with reports of a band of goblins who may be slavers, or may have still more nefarious purposes. Prior to doing so, he inspects each member of the team, apparently looking for something, but for what, who can say?

The team ended the night by taking refuge at Faldor’s farm, making arrangements with a tanner there to make a short cloak of the black dragon whelp’s hide. Which he said would take him a few weeks of game time. Faldor agreed to speak with his tanner, and that a full cloak would be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, there’s a strange sense of unease and wariness around Faldor’s farm. The kindly-looking farmer seems worried, and a number of the farmhands have worries of their own…

Night 1 - Rude Awakenings

The adventurers awaken to find themselves in a dungeon, captured by goblins. The last thing they remember prior to this unfortunate incident is drinking at a tavern.

They escape their cages, kill the guards and recover their equipment. In their flight from the remaining goblins in this underground stronghold, they find themselves in a more natural cave system, where they encounter a black dragon whelp. They are pursued, and eventually vanquish the acid-breathing beast.

However, the goblin threat remains, as do several questions.

  1. Where are they?
  2. Why were they captured?
  3. Who are these goblins and what do they want?
  4. And how will they escape these caves?

Stand by for night 2, Shades and Shadows.

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