Scions of Sagana

Patches the Zombie

And Fantasy Costco has a sale on flaming swords!

The team found a magic cathedral, where some elf-guy was conducting some kind of ritual. A mummy was awakened, and promptly ate fireball. (That was easy.)

But has the magic been truly put to rest that was summoning all those zombies? The team doesn’t know, because they high-tailed it back to Fantasy Costco with a golden sarcophagus they found in the cathedral.

What was that guy doing? What’s up with the zombies? We don’t know, because that guy totally teleported away… someplace.

2500 XP for each player.
There was some gold, hopefully you wrote that part down.

Also, a scroll of call lightning (Seraphina), a potion of animal friendship (Gorgonzola), a greater healing potion (Lia), and dust of disappearance (Laura).



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