Scions of Sagana

Nights 9 & 10 - Orcs A-Go-Go

The Most Metal Night Yet

Night 9 – you guys made it to the Elf lands, and discovered a Lich. Then the Lich for reasons unknown declined to murderate you all, and left, laughing.

Night 10 – The Elimination of the Main Orc Camp was largely accomplished by a) killing one of the Orc Warchiefs, then b) setting a character on fire (Murder), and walking her through the camp, setting tents and orcs on fire. A number of magical items were found, including a Gem of Brightness, a Doss Lute, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Boots of Striding and Springing, and a Scimitar of Vengeance (CURSED!).

Next time, there’s a tower full of about 40 orcs that needs to be cleaned out, and one WarChief keeping them in place.



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