Scions of Sagana

Night 7 - Shopping

Basically, it was a chance for people to spend some of their well-won loot. We also talked our way out of being taken to the local pokey by a bunch of guys wearing a specific symbol.

Seraphina got a brooch of protection (1 AC and to all saving throws). And she spent time in a ball pit. Except the balls were kittens. She spent a lot of time screaming.
Lia got the curse taken from her ring (ring of telekinesis) and a cloak of Elvenkind. Also, a Bg of Tricks (Tan)
Zeraphina got Studded Leather Armor, and a Bag of Tricks. (Rust)
Gorgonzola got hold of a book that purports to tell the story of the Oathbound. (look for that in a wiki article?)
Murder got to bench press children. They hit things for her. And she bought a +1 breastplate. (AC 15
Dex Bonus up to 2)



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