Scions of Sagana

Night 6 - Ringed

Somebody rocked out, and someone got rocked.

So, tonight, a number of the party was transported into a pocket dimension that contained a wizard’s laboratory. SEVERAL guardians were fought and vanquished including:
2 zombies (one normal, one Ogre.) – 750 XP
8 Giant rats – 500 XP
1 Black Pudding – 1100 XP

1 Basilisk – 700 XP

All told, the party got 3,050 XP, and each participant gets 763 XP for tonight.

ADDITIONALLY, you guys found a chest full of coins – 950 GP each, 3 jade gems each (each jade gem is worth 100 GP, and you each got three gems).

Seraphina was turned to stone, and was saved thanks to a miraculous stone that when touched to her returned her to life. (magic stone is now in Claire’s possession).

Lia found a magic ring that has some bad vibes coming off it.

You may consider spending some of your new-found gold on better armor. Now that you’re in Tien, you’ll have access to armorers and weaponers, though you probably won’t find anything better than the magic weapons you acquired at the Forge of the Oathbound. At least, not here, and not yet.

Next time: Expect Alejandro to put you guys through “training”. By which I mean he has jobs for you.



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