Scions of Sagana

Attack of the 'Finas

Alignment checks for everyone! Also, zombies.

So, in the last session, there was a bit of a thing where our two ‘erafinas (S) and (Z), got into it a little bit over a letter that may have something to do with the outright brutal murder-death-killing of Serafina’s family. There may, at some point, have been a question asked along the lines of “Can I cut off her arms?” Attack rolls happened, some mistakes were made, and then zombies attacked. Like, a lot of them. A herd. Coming from the East.

Incidentally, you guys have seen quite a few zombies roaming around. I wonder where those might be coming from?

Anyway, it looks like Lia’s grandpa has had his soul sucked out. It may have something to do with that letter. Maybe. Perhaps. The Elves are without their prophetic mentor. He’s being kept in Seraphina’s bag of holding for now. He’s without his soul. That is vaguely maybe off to the East somewhere.

So… where to next?



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